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BS 1363-1:2016 specifies standards for thirteen A fused plugs having insulating sleeves online and impartial pins, for loved ones, advertisement and lightweight business reasons, with specific connection with protection in general use. The plugs are compatible for the relationship of transportable home equipment, sound-vision gear, luminaires, and so on. in a.c. circuits purely, working at voltages now not exceeding 250 V r.m.s. at 50 Hz. extra necessities are incorporated for plugs appropriate for electrical motor vehicle charging. necessities are specific for plugs incorporating a fuse hyperlink conforming to BS 1362:1973. The plugs could be rewirable or non-rewirable entire with versatile cable. different types of plugs are detailed overlaying common and tough use. Rewirable plugs are meant to be used with versatile cables conforming to the suitable elements of BS EN 50525 (see Annex H), having conductor cross-sectional parts from half mm2 to 1.5 mm2 inclusive.

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5 If the associated clearance is less than 3 mm, the minimum groove width may be reduced to one-third of this clearance. The methods of measuring creepage distances and clearances are indicated in the following Examples 1 to 11. These cases do not differentiate between gaps and grooves or between types of insulation. The following assumptions are made: — any recess is assumed to be bridged with an insulating link having a length equal to the specified width X and being placed in the most unfavourable position (see Example 3); — where the distance across a groove is equal to or larger than the specified width X, the creepage distance is measured along the contours of the groove (see Example 2); — creepage distances and clearances measured between parts which can assume different positions in relation to each other, are measured when these parts are in their most unfavourable position.

8 and 49 47·cm. 4 mm and the diameter such as to allow a small reduction in the cross-sectional area to adjust the watts loss to the required value. 4 wall thickness “t” [see Figure 28b)]. The resistive element shoulders shall be firmly butted to the inside faces of the end caps and soldered using a tin silver solder, grade 96S, as specified in BS 219:1977. 2. Metal shall then be filed carefully from the resistive element over as long a length as is possible and the assembly rechecked until the desired watts loss is achieved.

Screws directly transmitting electrical contact pressure shall screw into metal. Screws shall not be of metal which is soft and liable to creep. Screws shall not be of insulating material if their replacement by a metal screw would affect the safety or performance requirements of the plug. --`,,`-`-`,,`,,`,`,,`--- © BSI 9 October 2003 Copyright British Standards Institution Provided by IHS under license with BSI No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS 25 Not for Resale BS 1363-1:1995 Contact pressure in electrical connections within the plug and between the plug and the cable or flexible cord connected to it shall not be transmitted through insulating material other than ceramic, pure mica or other material with characteristics no less suitable, unless there is sufficient resiliency in the metallic parts to compensate for any possible shrinkage or yielding of the insulating material.

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