By Trudie Maria Booth

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This finished guide completely covers each point of French grammar, from the fundamental to the main complex point, and illustrates the grammatical buildings with necessary, functional and engaging examples. updated language and utilization either at the formal and at the casual point is paired with cultural information regarding France, making the examine of grammar a delightful event. The publication bargains its clients transparent and unique causes, in addition to the chance to perform their analyzing, writing and conversing talents in different oral and written workouts, which come with translations, feedback for communicative actions with a companion, and themes for written composition. a whole French Grammar for Reference and perform can be utilized as a school room textual content in intermediate and complex classes, in addition to for reference and self-study. it's a trustworthy resource of data for academics and scholars alike, and addresses all these rookies who are looking to communicate and write French.

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Je ne sais pas pourquoi il est fache. Sais-tu comment elle va? Nous ne savons pas ou il habite. Savez-vous quelle heure il est? lis savent combien ~a coOte. II sait que c'est vrai. I don't know why he is angry. Do you know how she is (doing)? We don't know where he lives. Do you know what time it is? They know how much that costs. He knows (that) this is true. A Complete French Grammar 32 Note: In English, it is possible to say either 'I know that this is true', or 'I know this is true'. In French, the conjunction que (that) cannot be omitted after savoir.

Dire) Comment -on 'pencil' en fran~ais? 20. (dire) Qu'est-ce que vous ? 21. (croire) Les chretiens en Dieu. 22. (devoir) Les eleves faire attention. 23. (prendre) Nous l'avion. 24. (eteindre) -vous Ia lumiere? 25. (ouvrir) Les magasins adix heures. 26. (voir) Qu'est-ce que vous ? - Je ne - - - - - - - - - - - - rien. 29 The Present Indicative The uses of the present indicative A. As in English, the present tense of the indicative mood is used in the following cases: 1. to express actions, states or situations occurring at the time of speaking Qu'est-ce que vous faites en ce moment?

16. (I offer) des fleurs a rna mere. 17. (I put) les cles dans Ie sac. 18. (They are dying) de soif. 19. (She takes) l'avion. 20. (They make) un gateau. 1. , they only exist in the third person singular(= il) fonn. 2. Pouvoir has two forms in the first person singular. The fonn puis is used in the inverted question fonn. Puis-je vous aider? Can II may I help you? The Present Indicative recevoir to receive je re~ois tu re~ois il re~oit nous recevons vous recevez ils re~oivent [apercevoir (to perceive, catch sight of) and dicevoir (to disappoint) are conjugated like recevoir] rire to laugh je ris tu ris il rit nous rions vous riez ils rient [sourire (to smile) is conjugated like rire] savoir to know je sais tu sais il sait nous savons vous savez ils savent suivre to follow, je suis tu suis il suit nous suivons vous suivez ils suivent je tiens tu tiens il tient nous tenons vous tenez ils tiennent take (a class) tenir to hold [appartenir (to belong) and obtenir (to get, obtain) are conjugated like tenir] valoir to be worth, cost je vaux tu vaux il vaut nous valons vous valez ils valent venir to come je viens tu viens il vient nous venons vous venez ils viennent [devenir (to become), intervenir (to intervene), parvenir (to succeed), privenir (to warn, inform) and revenir (to come back) are conjugated like venir] vivre to live je vis tu vis il vit nous vivons vous vivez ils vivent [survivre (to survive) is conjugated like vivre] voir to see je vois tu vois il voit nous voyons vous voyez ils voient (prevoir (to foresee, anticipate) and revoir (to see again) are conjugated like voir] vouloir to want je veux tu veux il veut nous voulons vous voulez ils veulent Note: - The first person plural of irregular verbs ends in -ons except: nous sommes.

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