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Second, for vertices with a connectivity higher than three, a cyclic order is no longer possible, and the question arises, in which order the angles should be inspected. 6b). 62 . If an angle is part of rings of different sizes, then for each pair of angles, the smaller ring size is specified first. 6 In 3-periodic nets an angle can be involved in more than one ring. (a) The red–gray striated angle of the depicted section of the dia net is involved in two six-membered rings simultaneously, highlighted in red.

1 Pictures, Names, Keywords, and References For many nets right under the symbol, a pictorial representation in various styles (for instance, as “ball and stick” or “tiling”) is depicted, followed by a direct access link to the respective web page. If the three-letter code is derived from a name, it is given (here diamond), and sometimes other names that refer to the same net are listed (here D for the so-called D minimal surface and the respective Fischer symbol, which we will not explain here).

This means that the specification of the VS of a net is not sufficient in order to specify a certain topology, and we need additional descriptors, such as the coordination sequence (see below). 3 Point Symbols Point symbols were introduced by Wells for non-uniform 3-periodic nets, that is, those nets in which not only rings of the same size meet at all vertices. The basic principle of deriving PS is very similar to that of VS, namely, that we again inspect all angles of a given vertex. However, the difference between VS and PS is that in VS (shortest) rings are specified for the angles of a vertex, but PS specifies shortest cycles instead.

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