By Kushner, Tony; An-Ski, S.; Neugroschel, Joachim

ISBN-10: 1559361379

ISBN-13: 9781559361378

ISBN-10: 1559361468

ISBN-13: 9781559361460

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In those days All the Jews here in Romania Were ruled by the great and famous Tsáddik, Rabbi Elimelekh. Feyvel woke him from his slumber And he fiercely yelled at him: “Rabbi, call a court to order! “Plain as day our Torah says “Jews have but a single ruler: “The Creator of the World. “So how can an emperor “Issue fiats against Jews? ” Rabbi Elimelekh asked him. “What I want? I want a trial! ” Elimelekh calmly answered. “I must tell you, loud and clear, “That I think it’s insolent “To indict God the Creator, “For He is a vengeful Judge.

I’ll concede your point about “The Destruction of the Temple. “But just think about the Jews— “They are sinners one and all! “Think how often God the Maker— “Sometimes mild and sometimes wild— “Told the Jews to leave their evil “And to think about repentance! “Did it help in any way? “In the end, He lost His temper “And the Maker hit the roof . ” “‘Lost his temper? ’” Feyvel yelled at Elimelekh. “Just what are you saying there?! ” “Don’t you see? ” Elimelekh snapped at Feyvel. w 165 The Dybbuk Melody “No, He cannot!

Other sinners writhe and wriggle, Eaten up alive by worms. Others still are hung aloft By their fingers, by their innards, By their tongues, their hearts, their eyes. And the scorpions and the serpents Twist and turn and twirl and dart, w 150 Gehenna Bringing a disgusting stench, Bringing venom on their breath. In the first Hell you will find Sinners who did not perform All the Holy Rites correctly: Those who studied Torah with no Ecstasy and no elation, Those who never showed respect by Standing for the elderly, Those who were not kind and cordial When they gave an alms or present To a pauper in distress.

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A dybbuk and other tales of the supernatural by Kushner, Tony; An-Ski, S.; Neugroschel, Joachim

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