By Michael Perrott, Sharpa Tulku

ISBN-10: 818510266X

ISBN-13: 9788185102665

Includes translations of texts required to accomplish the ritual hearth providing for peace linked to six meditational deities. This booklet talks approximately 13 deities based on the Gelugpa culture of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Though the Truth Body has neither love nor hate, For the purpose of taming the malignant ones of the three worlds, By compassionate method emanates the body of the King of Fury. Prostrations to Bhairava Yamantaka. Yamantaka, the complete destroyer, You the essence ofVajra Ignorance, The nature of the teacher of all the Buddhas, Prostrations and praise to the Vajra Body. Yamantaka, the complete destroyer, You the essence ofVajra Slander, Identical with the Vajra Heart-mind, Prostrations and praise to Ratnavajra.

The tips of the former are on top of the stems of the latter. Cover the hearth close to with stems ofkusa, the tips pointing east held in the shape of an ox's ear. After laying the kusa and havingjoined the palms, still holding the vajra and bell, say, Bhagawan Vajrasattva, please pacify all hindrances and bestow auspiciousness. With this request, the preparatory rituals are (concluded). fferingjor Peace THE MAIN RITUAL Generating the Hearth and the Mundane Fire Deity for the Vajrabhairava Ritual (The hearth of the Vajrabhairava rite can be used for all rituals excepting that of Vajrayoginl.

The libation to the second receptacle. Having taken flowers from the water, made a mudra like a fist, and circled it three times, release the upturned fist beginning from the index fingers and, substituting PADYAiy1, offer the foot bathing water to the third receptacle. Then, offer the five sensory offerings and music, saying, Oryi AGNA YE ADIVY A ADIVY A A VISA AVISA MAHASRIYE HAVYA-KAVYA-VAHANAYA VAJRA PU$PE AJ:I H0Iy1 0Iy1 AGNAYE ....... VAHANAYA VAJRA DHUPE AJ:I H0Iy1 Oryi AGNAYE ....... VAHANAYA VAJRA ALOKE AJ:I HOryi 0Iy1 AGN~ YE .......

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