By Quentin Lauer

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The 1st version of this name used to be a lot acclaimed because the top interpretation and exposition of Hegel's "Phenomenology of Spirit." This revision, in line with carrying on with study, retains this ebook within the vanguard of Hegelian scholarship. the writer has made additions and corrections to his interpreting of this, Hegel's most vital paintings, and he offers a great interpretation of Hegel's language, in all of its complexity. To students it is going to stay an crucial examine and scholars new to Hegelian philosophy will locate it approachable and transparent.

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Freedom of Self-Consciousness 134 a) Stoicism 135 b) Skepticism 138 c) The Unhappy Consciousness 140 Page vi 6. Reason 149 A. Reason Observing 156 a) Observation of Nature 159 b) Observing Human Nature 167 c) Observing the Immediate Expression of the Interior 170 B. The Actualization of Rational Self-Consciousness Through Its Own Activity 176 a) Pleasure and Necessity 181 b) The Law of the Heart and the Insanity of Self-Conceit 182 c) Virtue and the Course of Events 185 C. Individuality Which Is Real in and for Itself 189 a) The Realm of Spiritual AnimalsDeceptionWhat Really Matters 190 b) Legislative Reason 197 c) Reason as Judge of Laws 199 7.

160. There is a brief summary of this argumentation in Taylor's Hegel (London: Cambridge University Press, 1975), pp. 140-47. The entire section on the Phenomenology (pp. 127-221) affords a good, compact overall view. Page 15 an awareness of what is required if the experience is to be more adequate. That we do have experiences is undeniable. , of objects with universal properties, did not the experience include something in the objects which causes them to be experienced the way they are. To experience objects in this way is the work of "understanding," that mode of consciousness which at once grasps the universality perception is incapable of handling and infers the explanation of this on the model of Newtonian "forces" attributed to the things perceived.

But if one hurries over a single sentence on a single page of Hegel's text, one cannot be sure of having comprehended what Hegel is saying. Almost as frequently as Hegel's style is ponderous it is also highly poetic, abounding in metaphors which do not seem to be contributing directly to the flow of the thought. 18 One can be tempted to "demythologize" the poetical language, even going so far as to substitute handy abstract schemata of a's, b's, and c's (plus a few x's, y's, and z's), and the result isnot Hegel!

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