By Dudjom Rinpoche, Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje, The Padmakara Translation Group

The principles of Vajrayana perform are laid out with eloquence and precision right here through one of many maximum Tibetan Buddhist masters of our age. His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche’s observation at the initial practices (ngöndro) is proficient through his profound recognition and wide-ranging scholarship, and illuminated with an array of quotations from the Vinaya, Sutra, and Tantra traditions. as well as the statement at the outer and internal initial practices, he presents different priceless directions at the right view, behavior, and job of a practitioner. Dudjom Rinpoche taught that the belief of the lessons of the nice Perfection relies solely at the perform of those initial practices, hence his compassionate exposition of them the following makes this ebook a very important source for somebody who seeks to take away the hindrances among themselves and the entire freedom of enlightenment.

Translated via Padmakara Translation staff.

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They go after the things of this life—followers, possessions, and fame. Even if they stay in secluded places, they are inundated by a rain of distracting activities and afflictive emotions pouring down, and they throw their next lives to the wind. They criticize all teachings and individuals different from theirs. Although they are full of clever talk that sounds like Dharma, in fact they have confused the words and the meanings, without any beneficial effect on their own minds, and they are thus known as frauds.

The benefit that by completing its cause, the two accumulations, one will swiftly attain Buddhahood B. The nature and categories of faith, which is what makes one take the entrance of refuge 1. The reason one needs to develop faith 2. Categories of faith a. Vivid faith b. Eager faith c. Confident faith 3. How to cultivate faith 4. The causes and conditions that make faith grow or decrease a. Using the causes that increase faith to make it grow b. Recognizing and eliminating the conditions that make faith decrease 5.

They have few dualistic concepts and afflictive emotions, and are therefore disciplined and patient. From having sought many different teachings, they possess numerous avenues of learning. Their body, speech, and mind are naturally disciplined; they are straightforward and have no deceitful intentions. They have abandoned ordinary, evil ways and are devoted to correct conduct. As we find in the Compendium of the Buddhas’ Wisdom, Of noble family, they have a gentle mind, are inwardly disciplined, Outstanding in their qualities, and detached.

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