By K. Najim, E. Dufour

ISBN-10: 008041267X

ISBN-13: 9780080412672

This quantity comprises forty papers which describe the hot advancements in complicated keep an eye on of chemical approaches and comparable industries. the subjects of adaptive keep watch over, model-based regulate and neural networks are coated via three survey papers. New adaptive, statistical, model-based keep an eye on and synthetic intelligence strategies and their functions are particular in numerous papers. the matter of implementation of regulate algorithms on a electronic computing device can also be thought of

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Once the reflectance curve has been generated, the data are converted to any common tricoordinate color scale. In our case, we will use the Hunter L, a, b values in which "L" refers to lightness, "a" refers to red-greenness and "b" refers to yellow-blueness. The physical laws relating the dyes concentrations in the paper to spectral reflectance are known. The most popular model is given by Kubelka-Munk theory. The ratio of the absorption coefficient Κ and the scattering coefficient S is a known function of the reflectance at each wavelength.

Previous controllers have suffered {owing to their fixed tuning parameters} from the problem that at the end of the exponential cell growth period the dissolved oxygen concentration level increases [6] (Fig. 6 ) . The advantage of the automatic tuner in this situation is that new parameters may be calculated to readjust the regulator to cope with the new dissolved oxygen demand. aa a K -±^ THEORY π A (D The critical gain is related to the limit cycle amplitude at the relay input through (Fig. 2) The work described builds on proposals originally made by Schuck [7] and further theoretical work performed by Astrom and co-workers [8,9,10,11,12 ,13] .

335-348. , M. M. Dion and L. Dugard (1990). On the robustness of discrete-time indirect adaptive (linear) controllers. Automatica, vol 27, n° 1, pp. 153-159. 04. , Y. Chao and Ch. Cheng (1982). Identification and adaptive control for continuous stirred tank reactor process. Proc. of the ACC, Arlington, Virginia, pp. 551-556. C. J. Q. Mayne (1988). Design issues in adaptive contol. IEE, vol. AC-33, n°2, pp. 50-58. 025 Hz . C. Goodwin (1990). Digital Control and Estimation : A Unified Approach. J.

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