By Kaveh Hariri Asli; et al

ISBN-10: 1926895223

ISBN-13: 9781926895222

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N Total Cases 24 Excluded Cases(a) 0 Forecasted Cases 0 Newly Created Cases 0 (a): Cases with a missing value in any variable are excluded from the analysis. 3 Model Description of Regression software. Variables Dependent Independent bar m/sec Number of Positive Values 24 23 Number of Zeros 0 1(a,b) Number of Negative Values 0 0 User-Missing 0 0 System-Missing 0 0 Number of Missing Values (a): The Inverse or S model cannot be calculated. (b): The Logarithmic or Power model cannot be calculated.

2002) showed that these effects, including creep, can affect wave speed in pipes and must be accounted for if highly accurate results are desired. They proposed methods that account for such effects in both the continuity and momentum equations [7, 8]. 2 Similar Work Presentations • Arithmetic method—Assumes that flow stops instantaneously (in less than the characteristic time, 2 L/a), cannot handle water column separation directly, and neglects friction (Allievi, 1902; Joukowski, 1898). • Graphical method—Neglects friction in its theoretical development but includes a means of accounting for it through a correction (Parmakian, 1963).

Civil Engineering Organization of Gilan 38, 3‑7. 10. Hariri, K. (2007b). GIS and water hammer disaster at earthquake in Rasht water pipeline. 3rd International Conference on Integrated Natural Disaster Management (INDM). Tehran, Iran. 11. Hariri, K. (2007c). Interpenetration of two fluids at parallel between plates and turbulent moving in pipe. 8th Conference on Ministry of Energetic works at research week. Tehran, Iran. 12. Hariri, K. (2007d). Water hammer and valves. 8th Conference on Ministry of Energetic works at research week.

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