By Alois Fuerstner

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ISBN-13: 9783540642541

The great development in olefin metathesis completed over the past decade can not often be overvalued. as a result improvement of a brand new new release of good outlined and high-performance organometallic catalysts, this response is quickly evolving into the most flexible instruments for complicated natural chemistry, usual product synthesis, advantageous chemical construction and polymer sciences. Written via many of the prime specialists during this box, this monograph intends to familiarize the reader with the main interesting advancements and frontiers during this flourishing box of chemistry study.

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2 ppm provided evidence that a molybdenacyclobutane complex is present in equilibrium with the expected alkylidene complexes during the reaction. Molybdenacyclobutane complexes have not been observed during a metathesis reaction before. 9 Ring-Closing Metathesis (RCM) Ring-closing metathesis of diolefins has been a recognized variant of olefin metathesis for more than 15 years [189–191]. Although RCM (as it is now known) had not been used extensively in organic synthesis, possibly in view of the fact that only classical catalysts could be employed [1], examples such as the synthesis of 3-pentenecarboxylic acid esters using WCl6 activated with silanes still appear today [192].

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COOR) or electron-donating substitu- Scheme 1. 40 A. Fürstner Scheme 2. Scheme 3. g. -OR, -SR, -NR2) impedes the formation of 3 and thus leads to a significant or even total loss of catalytic activity. Compound 1d can be prepared either by reaction of RuCl2(PPh3)3 with phenyldiazomethane followed by an exchange of PPh3 for PCy3 [5], or by an oxidative addition of [Ru(COD)(COT)] into α,α-dichlorotoluene in the presence of PCy3 (Scheme 3) [10]. These procedures avoid the somewhat laborious synthesis of 3,3-diphenylcyclopropene necessary for the preparation of the vinylcarbenes 1a–c [4].

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