By Robert S. Ellwood

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The explosive occasions of Jonestown and Koreagate have riveted the eyes of the United States at the burgeoning and principally misunderstood move of latest non secular cults. Robert S. Elwood makes an attempt to extra our realizing of those occult, mystical and japanese non secular pursuits within the usa via putting them in a a distinctively American context, demonstrating that they're neither new or alien.

This compact quantity combines striking volume of historic details with present interpretative theories approximately deepest pilgrimages and sectarian differentiation. the writer covers quite a lot of emergent, non-normative spiritual types and notes that they have got omprised myriad participants, every one following related styles of non-public excursus or quests for internal awareness. After discussing the typical beneficial properties of such religious festiveness, Ellwood highlights Shaker Spiritualism, Theosophy, and as illustrative of a continuing and sundry culture of spiritual experimentation in America.... possibly this book's maximum contribution is to make it most unlikely any more to disregard those religions as actual expressions of non secular quandary which mainline church buildings test vainly to demonize
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In A common is all these areas, own despite its so we symbols. characteristic of excursus religion in all this: and of group, leadership, and shall find the excursus experience generates its expression practical, prayer, pilgrimage, overall oppositional stance, forms of it seeks to Excursus Religion 33 find some niche tive rehgion. which in It it is not directly competitive with norma- does not set up altar against altar, or doctrine against doctrine, in opposition to the Judeo-Christian establish- ment, so much as present itself as dealing with aspects of other life than established religion, and with teachings which, rightly under- complement the received stood, only confessions.

Of continuing a movement after the passing of the charismatic founder and the original en- thusiasts sparked by where there is his or her fire little social — is especially acute in causes reinforcement. It has been handled in means which enable the religion to continue as an excursus that is, as a faith which draws people seeking an initiatory experience rather than taking up the family and community identity roles of religion though inevitably, in the course of the transition, the excursus has become standardized and the leadership has become professional.

But various excursus groups have gone on to schedule meditations or rites by the waxing and waning giving, Christmas, of the moon, not to mention the arcane dictates of astrology. Moreover, whether in UFO Buddhism, there seems to be meaning that holy places, cults or a desire to recover the powerful religious power and worthy of pilgrimage, can have. American Christianity (unlike that of the Old World) has lost all places charged with sense of sacred places, but that has not deterred others. The UFO- "charged" a number of sacred was writing this chapter, I received a Aetherius Society has related mountains in this land.

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