By W. J. Kape

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T h e hardboard has to be applied to wooden frames, and if this is done when the moisture content of the wood in question exceeds 10 per cent, then the hardboard will absorb moisture from the wood, and tend to buckle, the degree of distortion depenĀ­ ding upon the additional amount of moisture in the wood, above 10 per cent. Conversely, even when both the hardboard and the wood frames are dry, humid atmosphere in service can still cause distortion because of absorption by the hardboard. e. unpainted or unpolished.

C. respectively, should average 11-8 per cent, but it should be noted that percentages of 9, 13, 9, 15, 16, 9, would give the same average, but what would happen to the proportion of wood, within the load, with moisturecontent values of 15 and 16 per cent, used for woodware that would ultimately achieve equilibrium at 10 per cent or lower? It is, thereĀ­ fore, essential that all assessments of moisture be made within the 33 THE SEASONING OF TIMBER framework of a specialized drying technique. Firstly, when the small sample sections are weighed, meticulous care must be taken not to cut the samples too near the ends of the boards, nor to allow them to dry out before weighing, and to remove any loose slivers before weighing, since the loss during drying of one or two tiny wisps of wood will adversely affect the result.

It must be understood that air will tend to follow the line of least friction, and in this respect, the question of uniformly stacking a parcel of timber to be dried, may be more readily understood. g. some | in. ( 1 2 | mm), some | in. (18 mm), it is obvious that air flow between the boards divided by the thicker sticks will be greater than those divided by the thinner. In other words, the drying rate would not be uniform. Again, large 44 DRYING ELEMENTS open spacings in piling will tend to encourage pockets of stagnant air, where drying will be slower.

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