Fragrance description: Refreshing grapefruit and energizing lime

Made with ultra-fine sea salt, Mediterranean olive oil, Vitamin E and long lasting fragrance – softer skin is achieved with the first application and the aromatic scent will remain for 8-10 hrs

Cleanse + exfoliate + moisturize + fragrance… in one quick step!

Polish on and rinse off – its that simple! Apply with hand, directly on to wet body and exfoliate until satisfied. Rinse away grains and exit promptly. Pat dry to retain moisturizing, aromatic oils. For use in shower or bath ♥

(For less oils to remain – use towel and firmly rub dry)

Excellent treatment for rough elbows & knees, eczema, dry patches or blemishes.

GREAT SHAVING aide:  To reduce razor rash and ingrown hairs + get a really smooth shave. FIRST, polish the area well (face, bikini, legs) – this step removes the skin cells from the surface and from around the hair shaft, plus exposes the hair fully and raises it up to be cut. Next, rinse away just the grains. The oils will remain to serve as the lubricating/moisturizing shaving aide – shave with firm, even strokes.  The micro-thin layer of oil also serves a barrier to prevent razor rash and reduces ingrown hair occurrences. Note: we recommend using a small brush to clean the razor’s blades in between strokes.


  • soap
  • lotion/moisturizers
  • fragrance
  • shaving cream
  • insect repellent
  • prescribed or OTC skin treatments

Sun-dried local Sea salt, pure Mediterranean olea europea fruit (olive) oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), fragrance, glycerine, FD&C colorants, sodium silcoaluminate, yellow prussiate of soda, mica.



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