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My name is Elliot and I have been gathering & bundling California white sage for several years. My life has changed completely as a result of creating a relationship with this wonderful native plant. Before I began gathering sage, many negative things were happening to me. Now, I feel my life has truly been blessed. I love sage and sage loves me.I gather my native sage on very sacred and private grounds in California. Gathering sage and making sage bundles is a prayer and a meditation for me. Each of my sage bundles carries the prayers of my heart to yours. I strongly believe in the healing and purifying powers of sage and hope my smudge sticks bring you blessings too.Thank you and blessings to you, Elliot

Is there negative energy around you?

Many people have been affected by negative energy in their home or workplace. Negative energy can drain your vitality, leaving you depressed and feeling ill. It can cause difficulties in relationships and at work. It can stop the good things from coming to you.

Houses with negative energy are very hard to sell. They sit waiting for a buyer as the owner’s lower the price over and over.

How did the negative energy come to be in your house?

Negative energy can come from a lot of sources. There may have been a lot of stress or unhappiness in your life before. This energy can build up and start to manifest as negative energy in the house. It can be one person in the house who is unhappy or destructive to themselves or others that attract the negativity.

The previous owners or tenants may have suffered great losses or had periods of distress and uncertainty. When you moved into the house that energy was already there.

It can be related to your work. If you’re a healer, a nurse or therapist you help people release pain and suffering everyday. And some of that energy can follow you home and build up in certain areas of the house.

Using Sage to Clear Negative Energy

Smudging is the term for when we clear a space using sage. Burning sage clears the room of the negative energy and brings positive energy into the home.

Sage can be used in several forms. Many people use Smudge Sticks, bundles of dried sage leaves tied together with colored string. Loose Sage is also used. Taking some sage leaves and burning in a fireproof bowl is also effective. Sage can also be combined with other herbs when very specific clearings are needed. Sage and Lavender, Sage and Cedar, Sage and Juniper, and Sage and Sweet Grass are popular combinations.

Smudging can be done in a room or office. You can also smudge a person to clear them of negative they may have picked up from another person or a place they’ve been. And you can smudge objects. Do you have a piece of jewelry from an old relationship (one that had an unhappy ending)? Do you have a piece of furniture that you picked up at an antique auction or found at a yard sale? Do you have a crystal you’ve been using to protect you or to draw energy that doesn’t seem to be working anymore? These are just some of the things you can clear with sage.

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Hand-gathered California White Sage Bundles

Sage wands have been use for centuries by various spiritual practitioners and are used as a tool for clearing negative energies from home/office, one’s body and before prayers & mediation.

Start by opening all doors and windows. Light the sage wand and wave it around vigorously to get it going. Before beginning, clear oneself first from toe to head.  As you sweep in a circumference pattern, speak a clearing prayer over yourself or another person (with arms out) and look within to focus on the intention.

Next, begin sweeping the room, starting at the furthest point away from the door. With the smokey wand in hand, sweep the edges of the floors and up the corners of walls/ceilings, then out toward the exit.  Declare that the negative energies leave, calling them out by name if known. Then, invite Divine Light to dwell in your sacred space and fill it with ________ (you fill in the blank). Place the burning wand at the threshold (with an affirmation) and let it burn for awhile or until it goes out.

Ohm, Peace, Amen.  And so it is!

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Sage Wands

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