The Tao of Joy Every Day


365 Days of Tao Living

By Derek Lin


This lil’ book is a simple & easy read (with great wisdom) that helps start the day off right! Grab a cup of coffee and light an incense. Read only one page per day – which is the corresponding DAY OF THE YEAR. There are 365 pages of delicious daily word that are sure to give you something to marinate on. Events of the day may actually be in perfect harmony of the daily read – its amazing how having a tidbit of good word rolling around in your consciousness can sway your response.

This is a great book to share with friends, colleges and loved ones. Since you will all be on the same page, an exchange of insights and conversation can emerge to help look within and build a greater SOUL-ful bond.

Tip: Don’t worry If you forget which day it is, just ask any search engine and/or and adjust the settings on your electronic calendar for the day of year.

Category: Religion | Philosophy


Dec 08, 2011 | 384 Pages
Measures 7″x 5″




About the Author

Derek Lin is the award-winning author of The Tao of Daily Life, The Tao of Success, and The Tao of Joy Every Day. He was born in Taiwan and grew up with native fluency in both Chinese and English. This background lets him convey Eastern teachings to Western readers in a way that is clear, simple, and authentic. Lin has utilized his linguistic skills to create a Tao Te Ching translation that has been applauded by critics as setting a new standard for accuracy and faithfully capturing the lyrical beauty of the original. He is an active speaker and educator on the Tao Te Ching and the Tao in general.


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