6 mini scrub in a TUB deal

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6 mini scrub in a TUB deal


Great for gifts, trying new scents and travel ? airline accepted
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Now $25


Who Makes It

The Salt Project Brand Products

Catina “Cat” Stavroulakis, Founder & Formulator

Cat is a Taurus, the oldest of 6 children, drives a ’73 VW Beetle and was born & raised in NorCal.

Prior to starting The Salt Project, she worked in a variety of industries starting as a retail clerk, then seamstress, food server, car saleswoman & aerospace technician and holds certifications in Cosmetology and Aviation Maintenance. Following 9/11 layoff’s from her aerospace career, somehow all of the career paths merged and she started her first entrepreneurial en-devour in the SF Bay area in 2001, manufacturing bath salts and personal care products.

At the foundation of ‘The Salt Project’ brand products, is the intention to produce high-quality, day-spa products for at-home use along with offering the healing benefits of Sea Salt & Mediterranean Olive Oil.  The next step is to create vibrant colors that are filled with energy and then overlay a corresponding & long-lasting scent to match — stimulating all of the senses is the aim …”it is as much about ART as it is about the BATH”

The Salt Project (est. 2001): is proud to be a San Francisco, Bay Area manufacture using locally sourced packaging/ingredients.

“Enjoy and Be Well!”

Great for gifts, trying new scents and travel – airline accepted
SAVE 33% ($37.50 value)
Now ONLY $25

Fragrance Choice

White Blossom, Red Papaya, Summer Melon, Summer Fields, Citrus Splash, Pear Berry, Victorian Rose, Sweet Pea, Lavender, Crush, Cool Water, Drenched, Ocean, CoConut Vanilla, Mango Tan, One, Naked Unscented


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