Salux Cloth

Salux Cloth


Try it once and you’ll be hooked! The Salux cloth is an AWARD winning Japanese invention — there are imposters on the market, but SALUX is the only brand to use!

For use with all body SOAP – a little goes a long way and you’ll get really big lather. Exfoliate while you wash. Your skin will thank you.

Salux is 35″ long and is especially great for scrubbing the backside, along with every other nook & cranny.  It works wonders for removing rough bumps on the back of arms, dry scaly skin, cleaning inside ears and washing up extra dirty jobbers.

Made from 60% nylon and 40% polyester, its dries quickly after each use. A single Salux cloth will last for YEARS – get one for each member of the family, color coded. Available in pink, yellow and blue.

 STAFF FAVORITE PICK – The Salux cloth is a MUST have shower tool that you wont want to live with out!


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