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Amethyst SoapRock® is for the body you adore… and it doesn’t have to be your own.

Amethyst is the most prized of all quartz with its exquisite, purple crystals and as an object of deep devotion.

Fragrance Description: Plumeria Ylang

“Dedicated to our Skin, our Spirit, our Earth – Take it for Granite!”

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How to Use

Hands + Body

SoapRocks® show their true colors in water. Beautifully mild and extra long-lasting at the sink and shower SoapRocks® are designed to cleanse while preserving your Skin’s precious oils and they achieve a generous lather, which is great as a moisturizing shaving cream, volumizing shampoo, and gentle makeup remover. Many users find that when they use SoapRocks®, there’s no need for additional moisturizers.

Set SoapRocks® on a well draining soap dish between washing and they will remain beautiful for the life of the bar

As they gently cleanse, SoapRocks® weather away like a geological stone in the stream, over time, ever so slowly, exposing the beauty locked away within.

Who makes it

T.S. Pink

Todd Pink – Founder & Formulator

Over 180 steps go into making each SoapRocks®. They are hand-sculptured and will vary in shape and texture to reflect nature’s beauty.

Todd has integrated an eclectic background in Conceptual Art, Geology, Cooking, Gardening, and a little Chemistry thrown in for good measure. At the age of 36 and a shower on a cold morning in February with just soap scraps to use for washing, after a minute, he looked down at the object in hand and saw a rock where pieces of soap used to be. There it began – SoapRocks! That light bulb moment and seven years of integrating herbs, oils, and wholesome ingredients changed the nature of bathing forever.

One question we often get is this:
“As beautiful as they are, how could you ever use them?”
“How could you not?”


Whats in it

SoapRocks® are a hybrid vegetable glycerin soap, infused with extracts of earth:

Organic Aloe, Organic Calendula, Organic Chamomile, Organic Chlorophyll, Organic Lavender, Vitamin E, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Almond Oil.  May contain: Essential Oils, Fragrance, Mineral Earth, Muscovite, Vitamins, Mineral and Botanical Color.

Gentle for sensitive skin.


Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in


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