Gato Rosa

$1,320.00 $400.00



Framed, oil on canvas, signed, original 21 x 17

Artist Bio

Artist: Andrez Semini

Italian Brazilian artist, currently living in Atlanta. Andrez artistic career has been communicated primarily through graphic design, however, his life passion is ART, through oil on canvas. He has participated in international exhibits since 2009 – in Brazil, Italy, and France. His greatest influence, apart from his home country, has been his DNA – he is a descendant of post Renaissance painters!

Cat series  – concept created in 2012 in Paris. These playful geometric compositions of cats are the fusion of the spiritual and physical. Independent, cats are also known for wisdom and balance, which are also found in the elements of triangles and infinity symbols.
As the Italians say: “Happy is the house with at least one cat.”


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