“Social Distancing” KIT

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“Social Distancing” KIT


Cleanse + Renew + Relax

On occasion, we all feel the need to take social distancing seriously. Therefore, ART BATH SOUL will be supporting your at-home stay with this special offer that includes: GOOD VIBES +

  • 2-oz body oil RUB
  • 3-oz scrub in a TUB
  • 1.5lbs bath salt ART Sachet
  • Sage Wand – purify your home and clear out negative vibes. Sage smoke also exerts a range of antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and antioxidant effects for up to 30 days.

Renewing your Home + Self during this unprecedented time!

Who Makes It

The Salt Project Brand Products

Catina “Cat” Stavroulakis, Founder & Formulator

Cat was born & raised in Northern California, is a Taurus, the oldest of 6 children, loves to drive her cherished ’73 VW Beetle and watch sunset on the beach.

Prior to developing The Salt Project Brand Products, she worked in a variety of industries starting as a retail clerk, then seamstress, food server, car saleswoman & aerospace technician and holds certifications in Cosmetology and Aviation Maintenance.

At the foundation of ‘The Salt Project’ brand products, is the intention to produce high-quality, day-spa products for at-home use along with offering the healing benefits of Sea Salt & Mediterranean Olive Oil.  The next step is to create vibrant colors that are filled with energy and then overlay a corresponding & long-lasting scent to match — stimulating all of the senses is the aim …”it is as much about ART as it is about the BATH”

The Salt Project (est. 2001): is proud to be a San Francisco, Bay Area manufacture using locally sourced packaging/ingredients.

“Enjoy and Be Well!”

Kit Includes:

  • 2-oz body oil RUB - used daily instead of lotion, great for massage or added to bathwater. Fragrance remains 8+hours
  • 3-oz scrub in a TUB - polish off the funk & renew your spirit with sea salt + olive oil. Fragrance remains 8+hours
  • 1.5lbs bath salt ART Sachet - submerge and soak-away all tension and stress. Add some 'body oil RUB' for extra goodness.
  • Sage Wand - to clear out negative vibes and purify your home. Sage also exerts a range of antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and antioxidant effects for up to 30 days.

Available in 16 delicious scents | Just $20

Weight 30 oz


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